Swiss Army SIG Arms .308 Cleaning Kit, Used

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Manufactured by Sig Arms for the Swiss Army. This 14 piece cleaning kit stores in its own vinyl tool roll. Kit includes amazingly tough, heavy-duty steel cleaning rods with brass threaded fittings (you will have to try really hard to bend one of these!) and black threaded cleaning handle. Also includes three brushes, extractor and inspection mirror. Rods (.290mm) will fit as small as .30 cal bores and we are told that these can be used on any rifle or pistol from .30 to .50 calibres. Previously issued, used good condition. We have inspected each one to make sure all items pictured are included.

For use with the following calibres: 30M1 .300 .300WSM .303 .307 .308 .30-06 .30-30 .35 .357 .375 .44-40 .444 .44 .450 .45-70 .50 .577, 7.62x39, 7.62x51 and 7.62x54.


Precision Swiss quality
heavy-duty steel rods
Brass threaded fittings
Cleans .30 Calibre through to .50 cal rifles and pistols
Rounded wire tip on all brushes to prevent bore damage.
High density phosphor fibres for effective cleaning.
Quad angled jag

Kit includes:

Threaded cleaning rod handle
Threaded cleaning rod sections x 4
Chamber brush
Phosphor bronze brush
Bristle Brush
Chamber protector
Grease container with application brush x 2
Threaded quad angle jag
Bore mirror
Military olive green wrap up carry case

Issued used


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Swiss Army SIG Arms .308 Cleaning Kit, Used

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