Tikka Rifle Cleaning Kit

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The Tikka Rifle Cleaning Kit is the ideal companion for competitive shooters and hunters alike. Its compact size means it can fit easily into your rifle bag, case or pack and contains everything you need to keep your Tikka spick and span.

Available in the following calibres: .22 cal; 6mm / .243 cal; 7mm / .270 cal; 30 cal / 7.62mm

Each cleaning kit contains:
• 1x Cleaning rod handle
• 4x Black burnished steel cleaning rods
• 1x Wool mop
• 1x Nylon brush
• 1x Bronze brush
• 1x Brass jag
• 12x Yellow cotton patches
• 1x 25ml bottle of CLP 3-in-1 solution (Cleaning, Lubricant & Protection)
• 1x Double-ended utility nylon brush.

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Tikka Rifle Cleaning Kit

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