Trailmate Titanium Whistle

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Be heard when it counts! Trailmate titanium whistle with lanyard. 


  • Lightweight and durable (99.8% titanium composition!)
  • Loud, clear tone
  • High viz reflective lanyard
  • Only 6 grams weight

Owning a whistle can be a versatile and valuable tool for personal safety, outdoor activities, pet training, water safety, and crowd control, providing a means of communication and alert in various situations.

Emergency Signal:

Whistles are loud and attention-grabbing, making them an effective tool for signaling for help in emergency situations. Whether you're lost in the wilderness or facing a personal threat, a whistle's sharp sound can alert others to your distress and potentially save your life.

Sports and Outdoor Activities:


Whistles are commonly used in sports and outdoor activities to convey commands, signals, or warnings. Coaches, referees, hikers, and campers often use whistles to maintain order, signal the start or end of an activity, or alert others to potential dangers.

Dog Obedience Training:

Whistles are frequently used in dog training to issue commands to dogs, especially for activities like hunting or agility training. The consistent sound of a whistle can help dogs learn and respond to specific cues more effectively than verbal commands alone.

Lifeguarding and Water Rescue:

Lifeguards and water safety professionals rely on whistles to alert swimmers to dangerous conditions, such as rip currents or approaching hazards. Whistles can quickly get the attention of beachgoers and guide them to safety.

Crowd Control and Management:

Security personnel, event organizers, and law enforcement officers often use whistles to control crowds, direct traffic, and maintain order during large gatherings or public events. The piercing sound of a whistle can help manage chaotic situations.

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Trailmate Titanium Whistle

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