Victorinox Gut & Tripe Knife with Bulb Tip

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The perfect knife for opening up an animal.

The Victorinox Gut and Tripe knife with the sharp grind facing downward, hunters effortlessly gut game for industrial use. It is also ideal for the process and cleaning of intestines and tripe in slaughterhouses. The thickened blunt bulb tip prevents injuring the innards and contributes significantly to the quality of the product.

The Victorinox Gut and Tripe knife combines comfortable, non-slip, ergonomic handles with easy-to-sharpen blades and long service life.


  • A highly durable and sharp professional knife
  • Thickened blunt bulb tip and easy-to-sharpen blade allows for optimum performance
  • User-friendly, it can be used to open a wide variety of caught animal
  • Non-slip, hygienic handle delivers ergonomic grip and effortless maneuverability
  • Dishwasher-safe and can be sterlised, making it convenient to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for home and professional use
  • Measures 2.2cm x 4.1cm x 27.4cm

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Victorinox Gut & Tripe Knife with Bulb Tip

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