Accu-Tech Shotgun Bore Cleaning 2-Piece Mop 100cm

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Mops are an important step in the overall gun-cleaning process to ensure accuracy at the range and in the field. The Accu-Tech Shotgun Bore Cleaning Mop is a perfect cleaning tool for cleaning your shotgun bore. The rigid internal rod provides plenty of backbone strength while the layer-wrapped, debris-collecting nap on the outside removes powder and carbon fouling as the tool slides and twists through the bore of the barrel.


  • Fits 10ga, 12ga, 16ga and 20ga
  • Strong aluminium rod
  • Flexible diameter: 12.7mm - 24mm
  • Durable storage tube with hand loop for trouble-free storage
  • Synthetic fibre brush removes powder residues effectively
  • Comfortable handle and rigid internal rod gives you plenty of leverage
  • 2-piece rod, 100cm

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Accu-Tech Shotgun Bore Cleaning 2-Piece Mop 100cm

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