Negrini Hybri-Tech Compact U/O Shotgun Case 30" Green

OUR PRICE $449.00

Negrini Hybrid gun cases are designed with a durable polymer exterior and an ABS Interior cavity. Negrini Hybrid gun cases are fully cushioned compartments and upholstered velvet foam padding. Each gun case is fitted with hardened steel combination locks and hinges. The locks are recessed to prevent them from getting snagged. The Hybrid shotgun case interiors are designed with separate compartments for stock and receiver, barrel and forend as well as accessories. All materials used are certified to not outgas or corrode firearms.

Durable double wall construction consists of injection molded outer case welded to thermoformed inner case with plush velvet cushioning. Double wall construction absorbs maximum shock without breaking. Hinges are steel recessed along with the combination locks to avoid snagging on conveyor belts. Separate compartments for barrel and forend, stock and receiver and chokes and tools. 


  • Fits Over/Under or Side-by-Side shotguns
  • Lightweight, Double wall injection molded Polypropylene
  • Inside soft touch padded felt
  • Hardened steel combination Locks for Security
  • Great for car, club, and home!
  • Colour: Navy/Navy
  • 100% Made in Italy


  • Width: 835mm
  • Height: 230mm
  • Depth: 100mm
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • BARREL LENGTH: 30"/780mm + Chokes
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Negrini Hybri-Tech Compact U/O Shotgun Case 30" Green

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