Mercator Knife Junior Carbon Steel Folding 7.5cm Blade

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For more than 100 years the Mercator knife has been produced in Solingen almost unchanged. This Solingen original was first produced in the knife and blade forge "Mercator" Indiawerk Heinrich Kaufmann & Söhne. Even though it was not designed as an army knife, the army of Kaiser Wilhelm quickly learned to appreciate the qualities of the Mercator. The name "Kaiser Wilhelm Messer" originates from this time. As it is almost indestructible, the Mercator knife was passed on from generation to generation in the past. This is also how it made the leap into the present day.

Since 1995 this robust pocket knife has been produced by OTTER-Messer in Solingen. Its shape has remained the same until today, as well as its qualities with which it distinguishes itself in everyday life: reliability, robustness and handiness. In addition to the traditional shapes of the Mercator knife, you will also find some new models which stand out in colour but still retain their classic silhouette.

The small knife from the Mercator series has the same properties as its big brother, but it is not lockable. Thanks to its flat design, the small Mercator is a handy knife that could fit into pretty much any trouser pocket.

Blade steel: carbon steel C75
Handle: steel powder-coated black
Total length: 175 mm
Blade length: 80 mm
Handle length: 90 mm
Blade shape: medium pointed
Blade thickness: 2.5mm
Locking type: Slipjoint
Weight: 50 g


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Mercator Knife Junior Carbon Steel Folding 7.5cm Blade

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