Emergency Survival Kit

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The Emergency Survival Kit from Outdoor Outfitters contains everything you need to survive if you got lost in the bush. Stored in a compact, easy to carry case it can easily pop into your pack or in your emergency disaster kit. Or clipped to your belt using the handy carry clip.

The kit includes:
• 1x Firesteel
• 1x Candle
• 1x Signalling whistle
• 1x 3-in-1 multi-tool
• 1x Snare wire
• 1x Fishing kit
• 1x Duct tape
• 1x Pencil waterproof paper
• 1x Cotton wool
• 1x Whistle
• 1x Sewing kit
• 1x Wire saw
• 1x Survival booklet
• 1x Fishing bait Button compass

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- American Express
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Emergency Survival Kit

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