Air Chief Clamp On Air Rifle Bipod

OUR PRICE $79.99

The Air Chief barrel clamping bipod for air rifles has arrived. We have proudly integrated a super simple and easy to set up design.

A bipod is a 2 legged device that enables a shooter (whether beginner or experienced) to fire in a comfortable and stable position by resting the rifle on a surface, enabling more accuracy to tighten your groupings. They also rid of the need to carry a heavy sandbag or bulky bench rest.

Along with a good optic, this is a very helpful upgrade to both beginners and those who want to become more competitive and hone in on their shooting skills at home or out in the field.

• Universal fit, attaches directly to barrel
• Quick release adjustable clamp
• Adjustable legs 20-25cm
• Legs swing up out of the way and lock into position when not in use
• Shock absorbing rubber foot pads.
• Can be used with rimfire rifles (max barrel diameter 2cm)

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Air Chief Clamp On Air Rifle Bipod

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