Buck Gardner Duck Call 'Buck Brush' Double Reed, Acrylic

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Buck Gardner's Buck Brush Double Acrylic Duck Call is the perfect complement to the single-reed Buck Brush, BuckÕs favorite hunting call. The Buck Brush Double features all acrylic, double reed construction and has double O-rings for perfect air seal and call security. It is so easy to operate, and even blows when wet. And it can't be over-blown.


• Acrylic barrel and insert
• Double reed construction
• Double O-rings
• Arkansas-style "J" frame
• Stainless steel band
• Hand-sanded tone board
• Custom-tuned

Acrylic calls offer consistent density with excellent acoustic qualities. The harder surface composition gives the call a sharper resonating sound. The material comes in a variety colours and can easily be polished, making for very beautiful calls. Acrylic material is more expensive for manufacturers and requires precise machining processes, so it also makes for a more expensive finished product.

Double reed calls are user-friendly and produce accurate duck vocalizations with more forgiveness when it comes to air control and mechanics. This makes double reed calls an ideal choice for hunters of all skill levels because they are easy to learn with, as well as being reliable for experienced callers. Double reeds sacrifice a little bit of volume and don’t have the full range of tone like a single reed.

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Buck Gardner Duck Call 'Buck Brush' Double Reed, Acrylic

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