Bore Tech Eliminator: 118ml or 457ml

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After six years of intensive research, BORE TECH has developed a revolutionary bore cleaner called ELIMINATOR. This innovative aqueous-based cleaner will surpass the rigorous demands of the modern shooter and the environmentally minded society.

Through advanced chemical research comes a bore-cleaning product completely free of ammonia, ammonia salts, and petroleum distillates. This new chemical technology not only cleans firearms of all fouling such as copper, lead, carbon, plastic and powder residue quickly and effectively, it also cleans without odor and is completely biodegradable!

ELIMINATOR is a non-toxic and non-flammable chemical that contains no toluene, naphtha, kerosene, or any other petroleum distillates. Since it is petroleum and ammonia free, the adverse skin and respiratory reactions some people experience are eliminated as well.

ELIMINATOR can be safely used on all firearms without the inherent danger presented by other flammable and odor offensive petroleum-based solvents.

ELIMINATOR can be used indoors or outdoors without ventilation as required with all other bore solvents.ELIMINATOR also contains aqueous based and completely biodegradable rust preventative additives, that shield and condition the firearm’s bore after cleaning

118ml bottle

457ml Bottle

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Bore Tech Eliminator: 118ml or 457ml

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