Buck Gardner Duck Call ‘Buck Brush’ Single Reed, Acrylic

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We took the proven design of the legendary Buck Brush acrylic single reed call and engineered it in a polycarbonate version. The Buck Brush is crisp, loud, and has a personal touch that our competition reserves for custom acrylic calls. It has a shorter barrel for improved air control and operation. Each polycarbonate Buck Brush has a hand-sanded toneboard and fitted with hand-trimmed reeds and cork to ensure performance well in excess of the price.


• Acrylic barrel and insert
• Stainless steel band
• Hand-sanded tone board
• Custom-tuned

Acrylic calls offer consistent density with excellent acoustic qualities. The harder surface composition gives the call a sharper resonating sound. The material comes in a variety colours and can easily be polished, making for very beautiful calls. Acrylic material is more expensive for manufacturers and requires precise machining processes, so it also makes for a more expensive finished product.

Single reed calls offer a broader range of volume and tone, but they typically require better air control and correct tongue pressure on the part of the caller. Simply put, a single reed call is more versatile but requires solid mechanics. Single reed calls can normally get louder than double reed calls can.

In a nut shell:
• Louder than double reed calls
• More tonal range
• Better for more experienced callers

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Buck Gardner Duck Call ‘Buck Brush’ Single Reed, Acrylic

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