DE.LA.RO. Tactical Eyewear Shooting Lenses - Multiple Colours

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DE.LA.RO glasses are designed to optimize the shooter's focus on the target, to ensure maximum comfort and the best optical performance in all weather conditions and on any shooting range.

DE.LA.RO was born when professional shooters met an expert optician willing to study further and innovate. In only 6 years, the brand has become synonymous with excellence in the production of shooting eyewear on an international level.

Reflection of light and changing brightness due to weather conditions are often the causes of discomfort for those competing on the shooting platform.

From day one, the mission of DE.LA.RO was to create a light-management and color-filtration system that would provide the shooter with a significant advantage in terms of fast visual recognition and locking on a target.

A DE.LA.RO piece of eyewear is the end result of a journey. Before arriving at a choice of an appropriate color shade and the production of the highest quality lens, the experts of the DE.LA.RO Lab carry out a complete and detailed examination. Using state-of-the-art machinery, they check the eyesight, determine the chromatic sensitivity and the posture of the shooter to create tailor-made eyewear.

Today, for many shooters, some of the best in the world, the DE.LA.RO glasses have become an irreplaceable tool.


  • Yellow N°2 - Increase in flare, excellent in conditions of poor visibility, bad weather or low light.
  • Orange N°4 - To make the red and orange tones stand out more and to make the target more fluorescent than the background.
  • Pink 1 N°8 - High light transmission that increases contrast, improving target perception.
  • Light Purple N°10 - Excellent on bright days, making it easier to attach the target that stands out against different backgrounds.
  • Brown N°16 - On days with a lot of light and with frontal sun, the glare decreases, making the target stand out.
  • Gold N°19 - Ideal for days with poor visibility, it creates an excellent contrast by highlighting the target.
  • Dark Magenta N°21 - It highlights the colour of the plate in stark contrast to any type of background in very bright conditions.
  • Red N°24 - Designed to guarantee the best performance on sunny days with lots of light. It brings out the colour tones that allow for the ideal focus of the plate on a green background.
  • Light Orange Plus N°30 - Ideal for days with low light: wearing this lens the plate will be clearly visible thanks to an effective and outlined contrast.
  • Purple 2022 N°36 - Allows perfect focus of the target on bright days and any uneven background. Ideal lens because it makes the background homogeneous even in the absence of a green sheet.

Thin, light and unbreakable lens tinting enhances contrast for an excellent detail recognition and faithful color reproduction 

The product is made entirely in Italy, with only Italian suppliers and in limited series.

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DE.LA.RO. Tactical Eyewear Shooting Lenses - Multiple Colours

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