HI VIZ H&K USP Pistol Rear Sight

OUR PRICE $109.00

All HIVIZ sights are built to rigid standards using only the highest quality materials and shooter tested to ensure they'll withstand the test of time. LitePipes are made of a chemical resistant material and injection molded toa chieve maximum brightness and a consistent sight picture.

Bright: Sights are cut away in the center to allow maximum light gathering from any angle while retaining strength.
Interchangable: Includes a variety of LitePipe colors and sizes for any lighting condition.
Precise: Square sight profile for precision rear sight alignment.
Durable: All sight bases are solid steel construction.
Optically Efficient: Recessed LitePipe eliminates halo and reveals a crisp, clear dot.
Holster Friendly: HIVIZ pays strict attention to contouring all handgun sights to be as smooth and snag-free as possible.

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HI VIZ H&K USP Pistol Rear Sight

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