HI VIZ LitePipe Handgun Replacement Kit Green/Red

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If you have been searching for a way to turn your favorite LiteWave handgun sight set into a low light performance tool then try the simple snap in line of new HIVIZ Luminous LitePipe. Luminous LitePipe combines the same daylight brightness found in traditional HIVIZ sights but now with a new unique proprietary luminous core. This patent pending design offers you amazing levels of brightness when fully charged even in complete darkness. The fast charging technology will keep the sight illuminated for more than 30 minutes with as little as 15 seconds.

Specifications and Features:
HI-VIZ Shooting Systems LLHLR-KIT
Luminous LitePipe Replacement Kit Version 5
Version 5 Long Version
Green Front
Red Rear
Charged by UV or any light source
15 second charge = 30 minutes of brightness or more
Brighter alternative to tritium when fully charged
Perfect for transitional light times
An affordable, innovative alternative to tritium
Interchange Luminous LitePipes with any other HIVIZ interchangeable LitePipes

Long Luminous LitePipe Kits fit all HIVIZ LiteWave Handgun Sights
EXCEPT the following which require the Short Luminous LitePipes: Glock Target Sight Set (GLT178), and Sig P-Series Sights (SGLW18, SGLW06 and SGLW08)

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- American Express
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HI VIZ LitePipe Handgun Replacement Kit Green/Red

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