Hornady Case Trimmer #050140

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The Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer features a micro-adjustable cutter that allows for a change in length in increments of 1/1000" without moving the case. The one finger case cam lock secures the case in place with just a touch, another touch is all that is needed to release the case. All trim lengths are measured from the head of the cartridge. Large diameter, replaceable cutting head trims cases up to .50 calibre in diameter with a tall frame to prevent banging knuckles on the bench.

• Base Length: 8" x 2-1/2" (L x W)
• Mounting Location: 4-holes (No mounting hardware included)
• Collets Used: No, uses shell holders to hold the case
• Pilots Used: Hornady
• Pilots Included: .22 Calibre, 6mm, .270 Calibre, 7mm, .30 Calibre, .38 Calibre, and .45 Calibre
• Made in the USA.

Notes: Will not work with Hornady Shellholder #37 (5.7x28mm FN, .25 ACP)

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Hornady Case Trimmer #050140

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