Impact Gel Blaster Balls 10,000 *Blue or Orange

OUR PRICE $14.99

Impact gel balls for the Impact Gel Blaster Pistol - 10,000 pack - just add water! Choose your colour of orange or blue (makes it also great for team based games)

These are excellent value for money with how many balls you get making the growing popularity of gel blasters a worthy consideration over standard airsoft. You can get hours of fun on just 1 or 2 packs! The Impact gel balls are also non-toxic giving you piece of mind for family fun.

Note: The water based gel balls will grow to measure 7 to 7.5mm when submerged in water for a recommended time. If gel balls are left to soak for too long in the water the gel balls may grow too large to function reliably in the gel blaster pistol. If this happens, exposure to light and gentle heat will help shrink them back to the recommended diameter of 7 to 7.5mm.

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Impact Gel Blaster Balls 10,000 *Blue or Orange

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