Manitoba Shotgun Shell Belt: Hold 25 Rounds

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The Manitoba Shotgun Shell Belt is the perfect accessory for the serious duck shooter. Adjustable from 92cm up to 128cm, it is made of durable nylon with elastic loops capable of holding 25 shotgun cartridges of a variety of gauges including 12, 16, 20, 24, and 28 gauge. Featuring a heavy-duty buckle, the durable nylon design incorporates a reset lip to ensure not ammunition slips through and get lost.


  • Adjustable from 92cm - 128cm
  • Durable nylon with elastic loops
  • Holds 25 shells up to 12 gauge
  • Reset lip to ensure ammo doesn't slip through
  • Heavy duty buckle.

NOTE: Ammunition not included.

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Manitoba Shotgun Shell Belt: Hold 25 Rounds

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