Pulsar Axion 2 XQ35 Pro Monocular Handheld Thermal

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The Pulsar Axion 2 replaces the previous model, the Pulsar Axion. It has the following new benefits:
• Wider field-of-view
• Longer lasting battery life
• Stream Vision 2 compatible
• New dual-band WiFi module

Difference in models 

XQ35 is the base model of the Axion 2 (non-LRF)Series - Pulsar Axion 2 XQ35 Handheld Monocular Thermal

XQ35 Pro has a sub 25 milliKelvins Sensor which allows it to be more sensitive to temperature differences

XG35 is the top of the range for the Axion 2 (non-LRF) series (benefits are compared below) - Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 Handheld Monocular Thermal

1.) Better Sensor: 640x480
2.) Better Display: 1024x768p + AMOLED HD
2.) Further Detection range: 1750 metres 
3.) Higher Zoom: 2.5 - 20(8x zoom)
Please Note: As the XG35 is more powerful it does have a shorter run time of 7 hours

Axion 2 thermal imaging monoculars are designed for use both at night-time and during the day and provide exceptional image quality even in adverse weather conditions (fog, smog, rain) and beyond obstacles like branches, tall grass, dense foliage, etc. known to hinder target detection.

Unlike night-vision devices based on electron-optical converters, thermal imaging devices do not need an external light source and are resistant to bright light.

Axion 2 thermal imagers are designed for various applications including hunting, observation, security, terrain orientation, search and rescue operations, etc.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Functional and ergonomic design
  • 8-colour display palette
  • 3 calibration modes: Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic
  • Detection range up to 1300 m/1422 yds
  • Smooth digital zoom 2-8x
  • Three levels of sensitivity enhancement: Normal, High, Ultra
  • Display-Off function
  • Defective pixel repair
  • Updatable firmware
  • Wide operating temperature range (-25°С to +40°С / -13°F to +104°F)
  • Fully waterproof (IPX7 rated)
  • Tripod mount

• Sensor: 384x288 pix. @ 17 µm (NETD <25 mK)    
• Objective lens: F35 / 1.0
• Magnification: 2 – 8x (x4 zoom)    
• Field of view (HxV) @ 100 m: 10.7х8° / 18.2x13.7°    
• Detection range: 1300 m
• Display Type: AMOLED
• Display Resolution: 640x400 Pixels


Weight & Size
• Body material: Magnesium alloy        
• Dimensions: 152 x 74 x 75mm
• Weight: 0.47 Kgs(with the APS5 battery)

In The Box
• Axion 2 Thermal Monocular
• APS 5 Rechargeable Battery
• (2) Battery-locking Covers
• Power Adapter
• USB Type-C Cable
• Carrying Case
• Hand Strap
• Quick Reference User Manual
• Lens Cleaning Cloth
• Warranty Information
• Tripod Adapter

The Warranty period on new thermal optics: 
• Pulsar: 3 Year manufacturers warranty
• Guide: 1 Year + Register online and get an extra year: https://www.guideir.com/service/free-extended-warranty

Please note: Manufacturers warranty period above covers the unit itself and does not cover commercial use. Thermal accessories will have a lesser cover period than what is specified for the units above. The warranty does not cover misuse or accidental damage caused by the operator. 

Accepted Payment options
- Visa
- Mastercard
- American Express
- Visa Debit
- Bank Deposit

Pulsar Axion 2 XQ35 Pro Monocular Handheld Thermal

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