Scherells Schaftol Stock Oil - Light

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Far more than half of today`s sporting guns have gunstocks of oiled wood. In manufacture, these gunstocks are normally pre-treated with gunstock oil. But this treatment does not provide permanent protection. Any wood - and thus, the wood used for gunstocks, too - is hygroscopic. It easily absorbs water, especially when exposed to wind, weather and temperature changes during hunting. Humidity may then intrude causing the gunstock to warp or even crack on drying. 

As a consequence: the accuracy and thus, the shooting performance of the gun will be impaired. This may be expensive and sometimes even dangerous. Thus, any wooden gunstock requires regular treatment with gunstock oil. SCHAFTOL® is perfectly suited for this purpose, being a specific gunstock oil of high quality and comprising nothing but the finest natural substances together with a slight addition of silicone. SCHAFTOL® offers optimum preservation of the gunstock, making it weather resistant and preventing the formation of roughness and staining.

The more often the treatment is repeated, the darker and finer will be the dull finish of the gunstock. Even small amounts of SCHAFTOL® will suffice to achieve the desired result.

SCHAFTOL® recommendation: 

After each hunting trip, rub SCHAFTOL® vigorously into the gunstock with an old linen cloth (which should be kept in a closed glass jar) and let it soak into the wood. Repeat the procedure the next day. If stains or rough spots should have formed on the gunstock, use sandpaper (Type 150, fine) until the surface is completely smoothed. Sanded parts must be thoroughly moistened with water or, even better, vinegar. After drying, smooth once more with sandpaper and again rub in SCHAFTOL®. When SCHAFTOL® has fully soaked into the wood, the procedure may be repeated with sandpaper (Type 400) and SCHAFTOL®.

The more often this treatment is repeated, the better the effect. The gunstock will eventually regain its original appearance and have a beautiful dark and dull finish. When SCHAFTOL® is to be applied for the first time to an unfinished wooden gunstock, the SCHAFTOL® should be heated to a temperature of from 30ºC to 50ºC and rubbed in with a linen cloth.

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Scherells Schaftol Stock Oil - Light

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