Lightweight Double Rifle Case

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Keep your guns safe and secure with the Supermax durable, hard-shell double gun case! Supermax cases are designed for the most extreme conditions. These cases are the ultimate shield against the elements. The double case boasts ultra thick walls, Dri-Loc" weather resistant seal, heavy-duty dual stage latches with a pressure release valve. Filled with spiked foam, your gun sits safely in the foam and is locked in place as soon as you shut the lid. The hard plastic exterior of the case will absorb the impact from most bumps, drops or knocks. Great for when you're traveling on planes or when the gun is bouncing around in the back of a car. The handle and the light weight of the case make it easy and safe to carry when walking to the range or hunting ground and it features 4 latches with padlock compatibility for extra safety.

• A double gun case for dual gun owners
• Rigid, light-weight polypropylene construction
• Extra strength and durability
• 4 latches and padlock compatibility
• Ergonomic handle grip
• Foam padding for protection of rifle and scope
• Hard, black plastic shell
• Airline approved for travel

• External (L x W x D): 139 x 30 x 12 cm
• Internal (L x W): 133.5 x 28.5 cm

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Lightweight Double Rifle Case

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