Thermtec Ares 335L LRF Thermal Scope 35mm

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The ThermTec Ares 335L LRF range offers a combination of cutting-edge design and the latest technology in thermal imaging. Utilising Thermtecs ultra-sensitive <25mk sensor, the Ares LRF series allows quick detection and identification of targets with extreme accuracy. With the inclusion of a built-in Laser Range Finder (LRF), you can always be confident when ranging out to 1000m. Using high grade germanium glass and a F1.0 lens, the Thermtec Ares LRF image stays sharp even in the toughest of conditions.

The 2-way WiFi enables streaming to the Internet, the sensor has a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels, a person can be detected at a distance of 1.8 km, the display is one of the latest technology with AMOLED HD LEDs, it also offers 7 crosshairs, Backlight, 6 colour modes, Audio Recording and Picture in picture function.

The ThermTec Ares 335L has a stunning vanadium oxide thermal imaging chip that is based on 12 microns at a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels.

The Display can display images and videos in high definition. The panel is modern AMOLED Equipped with LEDs, these are self-illuminating, which means that they have no post-fogging effect in non-exposed areas. They work extremely efficiently and contribute to a longer battery life. It can also be one Reticle backlight switched on in the colours black, white, red or blue.

The picture-in-picture offers a wide field of view in the main screen while allowing the PIP to zoom in independently.

Zeroing in is comfortable, as the connected hunting app helps with this. It can be up to 5 different zeroing profiles

The classic design of the housing allows the Ares thermal imaging device to be mounted on a wide variety of platforms using 30mm rings which are included.

With the protection of IP67 Rain and dust cannot damage anything.

The ThermTec Smart Thermal app enables connection to a smartphone to share observations with up to 4 colleagues at the same time. What is new is that the WLAN module can send and receive in order to use the mobile Internet connection of the smartphone to be able to stream live on the net.

With an internal storage of 16 gigabytes, you can capture countless photos or hours of video.

Power is supplied by a Li-Io battery with a length of about 6h.

Designed with shutterless and silent NUC technology, the ThemTec Ares 335L supports uninterrupted shooting, making it more reliable as the shutter is locked during shooting with minimized noise.

Add in one-shot and auto-shot zeroing systems, video AND audio recording, a standard 30mm mounting system, the use of either 18500 or 18650 batteries, reliable WiFi that allows you to control the device, and you have the most well-rounded scopes on the market.


  • Resolution   384*288
  • pixel pitch   12µm
  • NETD   ≤25mk
  • Spectral range   8-14µm
  • Frame rate   50HZ
  • Objective lens   35mm, F/1.0
  • Field of view   7.5°x5.6°
  • Magnification   3.2X
  • Digital zoom   1.0-5.0X smooth &rapid zoom
  • Eye relief   50mm
  • Exit pupil   6mm
  • Diopter   -5 ~ +5D
  • Click range, m @100 m (H/V)   3,6m/3,6m
  • Reticle   7
  • Rectile color   Black and white
  • Display type   AMOLED
  • Resolution, pixel   1024x768
  • Display size   0.39 inch
  • Color palette   6
  • Max. recoil power 6000J
  • Mounting brackets Standard 30mm rings (included)
  • RAV   Yes
  • Auto zeroing   Yes
  • Manual zeroing   Yes
  • Zeroing profiles   5
  • Picture-in-picture   Yes
  • Image calibration   Via lens cover
  • Photo/video playback   Yes
  • Built-in memory   16GB
  • Type C   Data transfer 
  • Wi-Fi   Yes
  • Battery type   Replaceable, 18650 or 18500 battery
  • Built-in Battery   5000mAh, rechargeable
  • Battery life   12h
  • Operating temperature   -20℃-+50℃ 
  • IP rating   IP67 
  • Weight, g   900
  • Dimension,mm   397(L)x79(W)x94(H)
  • External cable   USB data cable
  • Other accessories   2x standard 30mm rings, eyeshade and etc.
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Thermtec Ares 335L LRF Thermal Scope 35mm

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