Thermtec Cyclops CP350D Handheld Thermal 25mm-50mm

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Introducing the ThermTec Cyclops-D CP350D Thermal Monocular, the world's most advanced and versatile device. The Cyclops D series offers users a market-leading dual field of view system allowing the user to switch between lens systems with the twist of a dial, a <25mk thermal sensor for crystal clear imagery in the field and an ergonomic joystick for ease of use in the field. The ThermTec Cyclops-D CP350D offers users a 25mm and 50mm dual lens system, offering unmatched versatility to switch between low magnification and a wide field of view when set to 25mm, and high base magnification and long-range identification when using the 50mm lens.


Having a 384 X 288px thermal sensor, the Cyclops-D CP350D has the ability to be used as a short and long-distance spotter due to the dual lens. The CP350D has the ability to swap from a 25mm to 50mm lens, giving the user a wide field of view or a long detection and identification distance with the turn of a ring.


The ThermTec Cyclops-D series has a built-in battery with 12H super long capacity, which ensures a pleasant and dedicated outdoor experience without worry. 


Providing an IP67-rated weatherproof performance, the CP350D is protected from heavy rainfall, snow, smoke, smog, or dust.


  • Resolution   384x288
  • Pixel pitch   12µm
  • NETD   25mk@300k
  • Spectral range   8-14µm
  • Frame rate   50HZ
  • Objective lens   20/40 F1.0 Dual FOV
  • Field of view   13.1°x9.9° / 6.6°x4.9°
  • Magnification   1.9X-3.8X
  • Digital zoom   1-6X continuous zoom
  • Eye relief   40mm
  • Exit pupil   6mm
  • Diopter   ±5D
  • Display type   AMOLED
  • Resolution   1024x768
  • Display size   0.39 inch
  • Colour palette   6
  • Image model   WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Mode; Object Mode (Object enhanced)
  • Photo/video playback   Yes
  • Language   Multiple-languages
  • Reticle   7, adjustment coordinates
  • Built-in memory   32GB
  • PIP   Yes
  • AI/MIL distance measurement   Yes
  • Heat track   Yes
  • GPS   Yes
  • Real-time notification   Yes
  • Internal battery   Internal high-capacity lithium-ion (18650x2)
  • Battery life   Continuous working time ≥12h
  • Type-C   Supports battery charging, data transfer and analog video output
  • WI-FI   Two-way Wi-Fi connection; App remote control
  • Working temperature   -20℃—+50℃
  • Protection level   IP67
  • Weight, g   600
  • Size, mm   200x66x62
  • External cable   Analog video cable; USB data cable
  • Other accessories   Wrist strap; plush bag; user manual

Objective Lens                     25 mm          50 mm

                Object                             Distance

  • 0.2 m Tall (Bird)            139 m              278 m
  • 0.3 m Tall (Rabbit)        208 m              417 m
  • 0.5 m Tall (Wolf/Dog)   347 m              694 m
  • 0.7 m Tall (Boar)           486 m              972 m
  • 1.8 m Tall (Human)     1300 m             2500 m
  • 4.0 m Tall (Car)            2778 m            5556 m

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Thermtec Cyclops CP350D Handheld Thermal 25mm-50mm

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