Thermtec Vidar 335L Thermal Scope 35mm *Laser Rangefinder

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Combining compact size & weight, the Thermtec Vidar series represents the latest in thermal scope technology. The Vidar series is designed for professional users without compromising on quality.

Vidar series models marked with an ‘L’ are equipped with a laser rangefinder that includes a ballistic calculator feature. This advanced function provides a holdover at a specific distance based on the ammunition being used, thereby greatly enhancing the convenience and ethics of long-distance hunting by minimizing the risk of merely grazing an animal with a bullet. The laser rangefinder provides a measuring distance of up to 1,500 meters.

All models are equipped with Wi-Fi, as well as a photo and video recording capability that supports memory cards with a capacity of up to 64 GB. Thanks to advanced image calibration algorithms (NUC), these thermal imagers have been adapted to silent operation without the use of the shutter to ensure the image is continuously displayed during shooting. They have are 6 colour palettes, 7 different reticles and 5 autonomous profiles for different calibres or shooting ranges, as well as many additional functions, including the Picture in Picture mode, quick reticle zeroing or the ability to be connected to smartphones

The devices are powered by replaceable lithium-ion batteries (2x 18350 or 2x 18500), which enable up to 10 hours of use. The Vidar series products meet demanding water resistance standards and are IP67 certified.

Compact & Light

Lightweight and extremely compact, the Vidar is the perfect companion on any hunting or observational trip.

Laser Rangefinder + Ballistic Calculator (L Model variant only) 

The Laser rangefinder with ballistic calculator realize a long range targets detection and an accurate shooting. L-models include a 1,200m laser rangefinder with ballistic calculator for perfect shot placement at any range.

Non-Shutter Correction Technology

Invisible, background calibration means the screen will never freeze and there is no noisy shutter to alert your quarry.

Automatic Zeroing

The unique automatic zeroing function is the fastest, simplest zeroing system there is; just take a shot and let the Vidar set zero for you.

Real-time APP Notification

The “Smart Thermal” APP would instantly pop up a notification while

detecting the target to avoid any distraction.

High Thermal Sensitivity

The Vidar’s NETD ≤25mK sensor captures the smallest detail even the target and background are almost at the same temperature.

Automatic Object Detection

The Vidar can detect and identify the target while an object entering its field of view to avoid any miss.

High-Precision Zoom

Smooth & rapid 1.0-5.0X HD zooming ensures excellent sharpness and the highest resolution of details from minimum to maximum magnification.

Two Way Wi-Fi Connection

Support both Wi-Fi and hotspot connections; Real-time image transmission

64G storage

A 64GB of memory card enables a large storing of photos and videos.

Easy Battery Installation

The battery's anode and cathode can be installed interchangeably, helping users to complete the battery replacement more quickly at night.

IP67 Protection Rate

Provided with IP67-rated weatherproof performance, it is protected from heavy rainfall, snow, smoke, smog, or dust.


  • Resolution, pixel   384*288/12
  • Spectral   8-14µm
  • NETD   ≤25mk
  • Frame rate   50HZ
  • Objective lens   35mm, F/1.0
  • Field of view   7.5°x5.6°
  • Magnification   3.2X
  • Digital zoom   1 - 5X continuous zoom
  • Eye relief   45mm
  • Exit pupil   6mm
  • Diopter   -5 ~ +5
  • Click range, mm @100 m (H/V)   3,6m/3,6m
  • Reticle   7
  • Rectile color   Black and white
  • Display type   AMOLED
  • Resolution, pixel   1024x768
  • Display size   0.39 inch
  • Color palette   6
  • Max. recoil power on rifled weapon   600J
  • Mounting brackets on weapon   Standard Picatinny Rail
  • Shooting record   Support
  • RAV   Yes
  • Auto zeroing   Yes
  • Manual zeroing   Yes
  • Zeroing profiles   5
  • Picture-in-picture   Yes
  • Image calibration   Via lens cover
  • Photo/video playback   Yes
  • Inbuilt memory   64G
  • Magnetic interface   Data transfer 
  • Wi-Fi   Yes
  • Replaceable battery   18650x2
  • Battery reverse connection   Yes
  • Battery life   14h
  • Operating temperature   -20℃—+50℃ 
  • IP rating   IP67 
  • Weight, g   631
  • Size, mm   160x60x70

Range Detection 

                  Object                                Distance

  • 0.2m Tall (Bird)                          200 m
  • 0.3m Tall (Rabbit)                      300 m
  • 0.5m Tall (Wolf/Dog)                  500 m
  • 0.7m Tall (Boar)                         700 m
  • 1.8m Tall (Human)                   1800 m
  • 4.0m Tall (Car)                         3889 m

Included in box:

  • Vidar scope
  • Allen keys and screw
  • Lithium battery (4pcs)
  • Magnetic charge cable
  • Picatinny rail
  • Manual
  • Eyepiece hood
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- Visa Debit
- Bank Deposit

Thermtec Vidar 335L Thermal Scope 35mm *Laser Rangefinder

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