Walther P99 Tactical Fixed Knife

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The Walther P99 knife is an impressive utility knife. Like other knives currently offered by Walther, it has design elements borrowed froma famous Walther firearm. The massive spear point blade, made of 440 stainless steel, has a black coating and a recurve on the back, making it a real eye-catcher. The grooving on the rear of the blade continues on the grip to provide good support for the thumb. Like the P99 pistol this knife has a replaceable grip, allowing it to be adjusted to different hand sizes.  In addition to a reliable liner lock, the P99 knife has a flipper for easy opening and finger protection.

- Overall length 223 mm
- Weight 167 - 170 g
- Material 440 Stainless Steel
- Blade Length 94 mm

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- American Express
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Walther P99 Tactical Fixed Knife

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