Western Rivers Mantis 50 Compact Handheld Electronic Caller

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Western Rivers, a leader in the manufacturing of quality game calls designed for day and night sport hunters, introduces their new Mantis 50. The Western Rivers Mantis 50 Handheld Digital Game Caller was designed to be the ideal way for hunters to get their prey to come to them. With 50 pre-loaded game calls, pivoting legs with lock in position and a durable rubberized grip, the Western Rivers Mantis 50 Hunting Call is perfect for almost any hunting situation. As a compact hand held electronic caller that emits calls with the same clarity output and animal selection offered by larger electronic units, the Mantis 50 is one of the best calls the hunting industry has to offer.


  • 50 Pre-Loaded game calls
  • Compact legs with lock in position
  • Durable rubberized grip
  • LCD screen readout with back light
  • Random repeat timed options
  • Sound activation trigger button
  • Power button, back and settings button
  • Operates on 4 'AAA' batteries (not included)


  • Bobcat Distress
  • Coyote & Cottontail Distress
  • Coyote & Fawn Distress
  • Coyote Barking
  • Coyote Locator
  • Coyote Lone Challenge
  • Coyote Pup
  • Crow (Mega 2)
  • Crow Frenzy
  • Chicken Distress
  • Hog Distress (Wild)
  • Piglet Baby
  • Elk Bugle Grunt
  • Moose Cow In Heat Not Ready to Stand
  • Moose Summer Calf In Distress
  • Moose Young Cow Come Get Me Big Boy
  • Cottontail Distress
  • Jackrabbit Distress (1)
  • Jackrabbit Distress (2)
  • Juvenile Jack Rabbit
  • Field Mouse
  • Raccoon Babies
  • Raccoon Squall
  • Rodent Distress
  • Mouse 1
  • Rodent
  • Turkey Kee Kee
  • Turkey Yelp
  • Young Turkey Chick Distress
  • Canada Goose Clucks & Double Clucks
  • Canada Goose Come Back Call
  • Canada Goose Greeting Call
  • Mallard Comeback Call
  • Mallard Feed Call
  • Snow Goose Flock (Large) Modified
  • Snow Goose Flock (Small) Modified
  • Grey Leg Goose Flock
  • Single Grey Leg Goose
  • Buck Social Grunt
  • Buck Tending Grunt
  • Bucks Fighting
  • Doe Estrus Bleat Heavy
  • Fawn Distress (1)
  • Owl
  • Magpie
  • Black Grouse
  • Canine Distress
  • Canine Pup Distress
  •  Female Fox in Heat
  • Fox Pup Distress
  • Fallow Deer Male
  • Red Stag Male
  • Roe Deer Female
  • Roe Deer Male
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Western Rivers Mantis 50 Compact Handheld Electronic Caller

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