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Stoney Creek Airmesh Vest Blaze *Choose Size*
Stoney Creek Airmesh Vest Blaze *Choose Size*

Extra safety - why risk it? A vest is an easy safety option. This one weighs a mare 110gms. Adjustable to fit over whatever you are hunting in. Folds into its pocket for transport. Slip it over that pig or deer you have shot.

Cleverly constructed woven micro yarn with hundreds of tiny holes that will let cool air pass through from the outside actively removing perspiration cooling you by evaporation. A super quick drying fabric ideal for fisherman, or when enjoying a warm weather hunt. Lightweight and moisture wicking to keep you dryer and cooler.

To maintain top performance of your Stoney Creek garment we recommend a regular warm washing at 40 degrees, inside out with a non-powdered laundry detergent (Sports Wash recommended) and occasional warm tumble dry, right side out.
A warm wash assists in killing bacteria and the warm drying for 20 minutes revives the fabric and rejuvenates the DWR and the Teflon coating ensuring on-going performance. NB: Powdered detergents have UV brightness visible to animals. We recommend reapplying DWR every two years. It is not recommended to store your garment damp, wet and scrunched.

- Velcro adjusters - fits any size.
- Folds into its pocket.


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