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SkopeCam 3 Ranger Kit | Universal Phone Scope Mount SkopeCam 3 Ranger Kit | Universal Phone Scope Mount
SkopeCam 3 Ranger Kit | Universal Phone Scope Mount

Introducing Skopecam 3 - the ultimate tool for capturing your hunting adventures in stunning detail. This universal phone mount is designed to fit almost any* phone, even with a case on, and is engineered to hold your device securely in place with its vice-like grip.

Crafted from machined aluminium with a matte black/orange finish, Skopecam 3 is built tough to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Its modular construction makes it easy to assemble and adjust, and the improved phone clamp ensures your device stays in place without the need for a sticky pad.

Easily adjustable in three axes, Skopecam 3 helps you get the perfect camera alignment for your shot. The quick-release/attach mount allows for fast and easy setup, without the need for any tools.

Capture the memories of your hunting adventures with Skopecam 3. Pinch and zoom in on the reticle to fill the screen with your scope's view. You can even train a new hunter where to aim or check the shot's safety from an over-the-shoulder viewing perspective in real-time.

The full pack includes Skopecam's universal mount, a stock extender, and a rail mount for your scope's pic rail. You'll enjoy squint-free viewing, even if you have trouble looking through a scope with a particular eye or have eyesight problems.

Don't settle for subpar footage of your hunting trips. Upgrade to Skopecam 3 and take high-quality photos and videos with your phone's native camera app. Get ready to capture your adventures like never before. Order Skopecam 3 today.

Skopecam 3 Specifications:

  • Tube Size: 1" & 30mm
  • Max Phone Width: 51 - 95 mm
  • Adjustable length of focus: 0 - 194 mm
  • Material: Machined Aluminium
  • Size (LxW): 220 x 155 mm
  • Weight: 407 grams

Stock Extender V2 Specifications:

  • Material: Hard Shell Foam
  • Size(LxWxH): 157 x 74 x 108 mm
  • Weight: 65 grams

What's Included in the Box...

  • 1x Skopecam 3
  • 1x Scope Rail Mount
  • 1x Stock Extender V2
  • 1x Rubber Non-slip Stock Brace
  • 1x Tube 1" adapter
  • 1x Allen Key


Skopecam loves their products and we know you will too. Skopecam also knows that LIFE HAPPENS.

So if something breaks and or doesn't work the way it should - send it back to Skopecam and they will replace it - simple as that. 

*between the width of 52 to 92 mm

Accu-Tech Reticle Level Kit Accu-Tech Reticle Level Kit
Accu-Tech Reticle Level Kit

For the hunter and target shooter who demands the maximum shooting precision from their gear. The Accu-Tech scope reticle leveling system is your most effective instrument available for precise scope alignment. It is designed to fit 30mm & 1" scope tubes.

Technological advances in today's modern firearms, ammunition and optics have enhanced the potential for long range accuracy.

However, precision mounting and alignment of your system's scope is critical to realizing that potential. A scope's reticle must be precisely aligned with the barrel to ensure holdover or turret adjustments for bullet drop produce true vertical compensation for point of impact. If the crosshairs are canted left or right both elevation and windage bullet impact error can occur.

How does it work?

The Accu-Tech reticle level system is a precision tool designed to allow a scope to be perfectly leveled on any firearm with ease. The system is comprised of two aluminum level housings calibrated to their integrated levels. 

The barrel clamp level is attached to the guns barrel while the smaller reference level is placed on scope base, bottom half of a ring or other flat surface perpendicular to the vertical axis of the gun.

The gun is then rotated until the reference level is aligned. The tuning adjustment knob on the Barrel clamp level is then turned until its level is centered to match the reference level.

At this point the barrel clamp level is calibrated to the guns axis. The scope can be installed loosely and the reference level placed on top of the scopes turret cap.

The scope is rotated until the reference level is aligned with the barrel clamp level and then simply secured in place.

Accutech Anti Cant Level: 1 Accutech Anti Cant Level: 1
Accutech Anti Cant Level: 1" & 30mm

Be level whatever field you're playing on! The AccuTech Anti Cant is designed for 1" and 30mm rifle scope tubes and installs quickly and effortlessly with easy micro-level adjustments after installation. This ultra-rugged level sits higher and wider for more visibility and fast referencing. This system aids in the correction of "cant error," giving you dead-on true vertical hold to make sure you are on target.

The AccuTech Anti Cant will not block your view of hunting and has a matte finish to reduce glare, keeping you camouflaged while hunting so you get that accurate shot on your target. The Anti Cant level makes it easy to maintain a perfect horizontal hold during extreme-range shooting.
Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Covers Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Covers Sale
Accu-Tech Flip Open Scope Covers

The Accutech Flip-Open Eyepiece Scope Cover offers the ultimate scope lens protection for hunters and shooters. A great alternative to a neoprene scope cover as you don't have to remove it before shooting.

These awesome lens covers attach snugly on to the eyepiece of your scope, creating an airtight seal that will help protect your scope in even the most extreme of conditions.

A fast yet silent, flip up design allows you to open the scope cover with just the touch of your thumb so you can take your shot during a narrow window of opportunity.

Available in a range of sizes for both objective lens (clear cover) and ocular lens (black cover)

• Fast, flip-open design keeps your eye on the target
• Silent spring hinges wont spook game
• Air-tight semi-o-ring keeps out dust and moisture
• Weigh less than 30g
• Ocular lenses are black with thumb flip release
• Objective lens are transparent

Approximate size guide - Size fits approximate eyepiece outside diameter listed below in mm
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 39.4mm (up to 40.4mm)
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 39.9mm (up to 40.9mm)
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 42.5mm (up to 43.5mm)
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 43.2mm (up to 44.2mm)
• Ocular Lens (rear) - 45.1mm (up to 46.1mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 46mm (up to 47mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 49mm (up to 50mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 52mm (up to 53mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 57.4mm (up to 58.4mm)
• Objective Lens (front) - 61.2mm (up to 62.2mm)

$29.99 $26.99

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