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Trailcam HD Game Camera 24MP/1080P 4G Trailcam HD Game Camera 24MP/1080P 4G
Trailcam HD Game Camera 24MP/1080P 4G

With a quick shutter speed of 0.4 seconds, the TrailCam HD Game Camera will capture any movement in real time, meaning you will not miss any detail from the surprising spectacle of wildlife. Equipped with a 58 ° angle lens and a 52 ° PIR angle, you will get maximum 24MP photos with amazing clarity. Other key features: consecutive photos taken at a speed of 1 photo / second, maximum 5 photos, adjustable PIR sensitivity, programmable delay between movements, label on the picture, etc.

With automatic IR filter and 60 940nm no-glow IR LEDs, the TrailCam HD Game Camera emits in low light conditions an invisible light spectrum for humans and most animals, thus ensuring the camera, perfect camouflage and a visibility distance of up to 20 meters at night.

The TrailCam HD Game Camera is compatible with 4G network which ensures fast data transfer. The camera automatically connects to the network after inserting the SIM and displays the signal strength on the screen through a bar indicator. For the image sending process to work properly, the signal strength must have at least two bars. And with 1920P HD video and clear sound recording, everything you capture is of high quality and you can more easily see the vivid wildlife world.

This game/trail camera features a waterproof and dustproof camouflage design, and with it's technology it can be the perfect tool for monitoring areas where a stable power source or an Internet router is not accessible. Therefore, the camera can be powered by batteries (8 AA batteries) or from an external 12V battery and must include a SIM with active data. Under these conditions, tis makes it suitable for hunting and to observe animals and plants. It can also be used for home security, property surveillance, scouting farm and warehouse security and more.

Smaller in weight and appearance, the TrailCam HD Game Camera provides a new vision experience and will show you a different world of wildlife. You can install the TrailCam HD Game Camera in any place and it would not be easily found.


  • High trigger speed: 0.4 seconds
  • Send images and videos direct to your mobile 4G
  • Day and night vision
  • 58 FOV lens; 52 PIR angle
  • 24MP/1080P @ 30 FPS
  • Programmable 8/12/24 MP high quality resolution
  • 64x invisible Infra red night vision LEDs, offers 20 meters (65) real night vision distance
  • Crystal clear day and night photo/video quality
  • 1 photo burst per second to get full moving track of object
  • Support multiple functions - adjustable PIR sensitivity, multi-shot (1-5 photos per trigger), programmable delay between motions, time lapse, timer, stamp of camera ID, date/time, temperature and moon phase on every photo
  • Built in 2.4" TFT colour screen
  • Tough waterproof case
  • With MMS/4G/SMTP/FTP function, the camera can transmit photos to 1-4 preset mobile phones, 1-4 email addresses and FTP account per trigger 
  • SMS to control various remote configurations
  • SMS to enable the camera to shoot a photo and send back instantly
  • Optional small size (640x480) and large size (1920x1440) photos, and 8/12/24MP email/FTP photos
  • APP available on iOS and Android 


  •  Image Sensor: 5 MP colour CMOS
  • Effective Pixels: 2560x1920
  • Day/Night mode: Yes
  •  IR Range: 20m
  • IR Setting: 60pcs LED, 940nm-IR LED
  • Memory: SD card (4GB to 32GB)
  • Operating Keys: 7
  • Lens: F=3.0; FOV=58; Auto IR-cut-remove (at night)
  • PIR Angle: 52
  • LCD Screen: 2.4" TFT, RGB, 262k
  • PIR Distance: 20m (65 feet)
  • Picture Size: 8MP 3264x2448 / 12MP 4032x3024 / 24MP 5632x4224
  • Picture Format: JPEG
  • Video Resolution: FHD (1920x1080), HD (1280x720), WVGA (848x480)
  • Video Format: MOV
  • Video Length: 5-10 secs, programmable for wireless transmission; 5-59 secs, not programmable for wireless transmission
  • Shooting Numbers: 1-5
  • Trigger Time: 04s
  • Trigger Interval: 4s-7s
  • Camera + Video: Yes
  • Time Lapse: Yes
  • Operation Power: Battery - 12V; DC - 12V
  • Battery Type: 8 AA
  • External DC: 12V
  • Stand-by Time: 6 months 
  • Auto Power Off: In test mode, camera will automatically power off in 3 minutes if there is no keypad touching
  • Interface: USB/SD Card/DC Port
  • Mounting: Strap (included), tripod (not included)
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to 60
  • Operation Humidity: 5% to 90%
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Dimensions: 128 x 96 x 76mm
  • Weight: 260g


  • Trail/Game camera
  • Instruction manual
  • USB cable
  • Mounting strap
  • Antenna
Minox DTC 460 Slim Camouflaged Trail Camera Minox DTC 460 Slim Camouflaged Trail Camera
Minox DTC 460 Slim Camouflaged Trail Camera

Well camouflaged tracking nature, hi-tech in disguise!

Conspicuously inconspicuous, the new Minox DTC 460 wildlife and observation camera blends in perfectly with it's surroundings. An undercover surveillance profi in the outdoors, in your garden, on your house, on your property or even on your boat. Once you have attached it to a tree, it becomes one with the bark structure and is hardly recognizable. In use, it boasts of state-of-the-art electronics optimized for outstanding nighttime operation, and innovative Hi-Beam LEDs for photo and video sequences in all light conditions. Optionally, the front panels can be easily replaced so that you can adapt your master of disguise to the environment.

• Interchangeable front panels to adapt to various surroundings
• One front panel with a rough bark pattern is included in delivery
• Bar magazines for quick battery changes
• Slim housing - only approx. 34 mm deep
• Data storage on SD/SDHC card up to max. 32 GB
• Shutter release 0.7 sec.
• Photo resolution up to max. 12 MP

• Category: Trail camera with removable front panel  
• Control via app: No
• GPS locating: No
• Range motion detector: Up to 15 m
• Trigger release: 0.7 sec.
• Photo resolution: Up to max. 12 MP
• External memory: SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB
• Display: 2.4" TFT color display
• Powerful IR flash: 15 m range, Low Glow 850nm  
• Photo burst per trigger release: 1-3 (adjustable)
• Video resolution: 1920x1080 (30fps), 1280x720 (30fps), 848x480 (30fps), 640x480 VGA (30 fps) 
• Video length:  10 - 60 sec. (adjustable)
• File formats: JPG / AVI
• Time stamp: Date, time, temperature and moon phase
• Images by day: Colour
• Images by night: Black/white
• User-friendly interface: 10-button controls
• Exposure:  Auto
• Password protection: 4-digit combination
• Real-time display viewing: Photo / video playback
• Standby time: Up to 6 months (8x 1.5V AA batteries) in 2 separate removable bar magazines 
• Microphone: Integrated
• Ports: USB
• Power supply: 8x 1.5 AA batteries, alkaline, lithium or NiMH batteries, 2 exchangeable battery magazines  
• External power supply: No 
• Tripod mount: Yes    
• Splashproof: Yes   
• Weight (without batteries): Approx. 415 g

• 1x Trail camera
• 1x Front panel
• 2x Mounting strap
• 1x USB cable
• 1x Wall mount
• 1x Quickstart guide
Minox Safety Box For DTC Trail Camera Minox Safety Box For DTC Trail Camera Sale
Minox Safety Box For DTC Trail Camera

If you are the owner of a DTC 500/600/650 series Minox camera, you will already know its effectiveness, but it can now be easily reinforced thanks to this anti-theft box.

The sturdy steel case will conveniently protect your camera by attaching it to the surface of your choice. Neither the friends of others, nor any animal can take the camera or damage it by hitting or biting it.

The holes that the product has on its surface allow the passage of a steel cable that could well become one more way of securing your camera to the post or tree in which it is placed.

The product is recommended for those who have this camera in remote areas for a long time, thus also extending its useful life.

$119.00 $89.99

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