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LED Lenser P18R Signature Torch: 4500 lumens LED Lenser P18R Signature Torch: 4500 lumens Sale
LED Lenser P18R Signature Torch: 4500 lumens

The LED Lenser P18R Signature is an incomparable light cannon.

The P18R Signature is an incomparable light cannon offering our iconic X-Lens Technology and 4500 lumens of light. Our patented Advanced Focus System, Smart Light Technology for custom light functions and constant light output leave nothing to be desired. The powerful battery is charged with the Magnetic Charge System and has a quick charge function. The compact search light for all outdoor adventures can also be placed on the end cap and thus positioned vertically on the ground or table. So even the darkest night sky suddenly turns to daylight. 


Light functions:
• Power - high light output for every situation
• Mid Power - medium light output for every situation
• Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working
• Boost - short-duration maximum power for more brightness
• Blink - automatic emission of light impulses at regular intervals
• Position - two short pulses of light, repeated three times, to alert others of your location
• S.O.S - the distress signal the light emits is SOS in Morse code (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short)
• Strobe - flashes of light with a confusing blinding effect for, among other things, self-defence

Switches: Front switch - a switch on the front of the torch so you can use one hand

Special functions: 
• High-end torch - with up to 4500 lumens and Constant Light for constant luminous flux over a long period of time
• Smart Light Technology - for custom light functions
• Advanced Focus System - for efficient, precise flood and spot lighting
• Convenient charging - of the battery with the Magnetic Charge System
• Hard-anodized body material - provides added protection against wear and corrosion

IP-Class: IP54 - Protection against water projected in powerful spray

Rechargeable: By using rechargeable batteries, you're not just protecting your wallet, but also the environment. Regular batteries, after all, require up to 500 times more electricity to produce than they can release themselves. Combined with the energy consumption for transport and storage, the COemissions are huge.

Signature Series: Represents the premium solution to the Ledlenser range. Including all of the latest technologies with a new sleek design, luxurious materials and additional accessories. This range is for people who want the “Best of the Best” lights out there on the market.

• Max Lumens: 4500 lm
• Max Runtime: 70 hours
• Rechargeable: Yes
• IP Class/Water Resistance: IP54
• Weight: 22.5 oz / 637 g
• CRI: 70
• LED Configuration: 3x Xtreme LED
• Luminosity: Max 4500 lm - Min 30 lm
• Lighting Range: Max 720m - Min 50m
• Battery Duration: Max 70 hours - Min 2.5 hours
• Battery: 1x Li-ion 11.1V
• Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh
• Length: 171mm
• Head Diameter: 86mm

$599.00 $499.00
LED Lenser P7 Torch Clamp LED Lenser P7 Torch Clamp
LED Lenser P7 Torch Clamp

Great accessory for hunters, mount a LED Lenser on your barrel or scope for easy night shooting. This bracket can be rotated 360 degrees to point in every direction.

Mount to your rifle, shotgun or bike

Practical bracket for LED Lenser flashlights:

LED Lenser P7
LED Lenser T7
LED Lenser B7

LED Lenser Pressure Switch for P7 LED Lenser Pressure Switch for P7 Sale
LED Lenser Pressure Switch for P7

This is a pressure switch for the LED Lenser P7 torch which is currently one of the most popular torches on the market today.

These switches are fantastic when mounted on a rifle and ensures your not wasteing power when you don't need to be.

Easy to fit and use, just simply pull the battery unit out and insert the battery unit with pressure switch and your ready to go!

$49.99 $29.99

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