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Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 Night Vision Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 Night Vision
Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 Night Vision

The Digisight Ultra utilizes proprietary software, cutting-edge electronic components and signal-processing algorithms to deliver one of the industry’s highest values of sensitivity in night time. The result is a device offering flawless passive-mode performance in deep twilight, even night, without switching on IR illumination.

• Scalable Ballistic Reticles- Ballistic reticles are scaled proportionally to riflescope’s magnification changes, similar to the reticles placed in the first focal plane of optical sights.
• Angular dimensions of reticles’ parts remain unchanged at all magnifications, which allows quick measuring of distance and adjusting when shooting at various ranges.
• Increased Reticle Adjustment Range- Reticle’s vertical and horizontal travel range is two meters at 100 m – on average 25% more than in previous Pulsar models. The increased reticle travel range allows zeroing at close and far distances and installing the riflescope on rifles using cartridges with steep ballistic trajectory without changing mounts and rails.
• 10 Reticle Shapes in 6 Color Modes- The reticle is electronic and is always in the same plane with the target. The Digisight has reticles of ten various shapes and functions (direct shot type, ballistic, scalable and regular), all presented in six colors.
• Accurate Zoome Zeroing- The user can zero the riflescope either at the basic magnification or at a zoom, with the click value decreasing as the zoom value increases. At the maximum magnification reticle step is less than 0.1 MOA. Aiming point is stable in the entire range of magnifications.
• Instant Start-up- Starts up within three seconds after ON button is pressed
• 5 Individual Shooting Profiles- Zeroing settings are saved in a shooting profile. The Digisight Ultra N455 riflescope allow the user to create up to five shooting profiles for various rifles and cartridges. Each profile can hold up to 10 zeroing distances.
• Software Sensitivity Enhancement Algorithm SumLight- SumLight function increases sensor sensitivity, which allows passive observation (with IR off) in low light at night. The software automatically activates algorithms (such as summing adjacent pixel signals, frame addition), thus increasing sensitivity while preserving sufficient image quality.
• Powerful Long-Range IR Illuminator- The Digisight Ultra N455 riflescope is supplied with a detachable high power 940nm IR illuminator. The 940nm model operates in the invisible range. Three adjustable IR power levels help choose preferred effective range and illumination level of an object observed.
• Stream Vision App- Using the free, high-tech, iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision app, the Digisight Ultra connects via Wi-Fi to allow transfer of images and video to smartphones and other wireless devices in real time, stream footage to YouTube and other online video platforms, and even use your personal device as a wireless remote control.
• Extreme Operating Temperatures- Digisight Ultra riflescopes are effective in use at low temperatures (down to -13°F). The frost-resistant AMOLED display features quick response rate and ensures a crisp image when viewing fast moving objects.
• Stadiametric Rangefinder- The Digisight Ultra features a stadiametric rangefinder: a dynamic rangefinding scale intended to help determine range to objects with known height 1.7 m (deer), 0.7m (wild boar) and 0.3 m (rabbit).
• Side Incline and Elevation Angle Sensor- A built-in accelerometer/gyroscope improves accuracy by precisely identifying cant and angles greater than 5° with an arrow indicating the direction and degree of lateral tilting. Increased angles are shown with additional arrows. Moreover, the riflescope can be set to auto shutdown when resting in a non-shooting position. Unit operation may be disabled when the vertical angle is greater than 70° or horizontal angle is greater than 30°.
Sensor: CMOS 1280x720
Magnification: 4.5 – 18 (x4 zoom)
IR Illuminator wavelength: 940 nm (invisible)
Detection range: 500m
Sensor Resolution: 1280x720 pixels
Objective lens: F50/1.2
Field of view (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m: 6.2x4.7 / 10.9x8.2
Eye relief: 50mm
Display Resolution: 1024x768 pixels
Infrared Illuminator Emitter: LED
Click value, H/V, mm at 100 m: 10 / 10
Click range, H/V, mm at 100 m: 2000 / 2000
Number of preloaded reticles: 10+
Video / photo resolution: 1024x768 pixels
Built-in memory: 16 GB
Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529): IPХ7
Operating temperature range: -25 – +50
Dimensions: 370x73x74 mm
Weight: 0.83 kg
Output voltage: 3.1 - 4.2 V
Battery type: Li-Ion Battery Pack IPS5
Capacity: 5000 mAh
Operating time on battery pack (at t=22°C), h *: 4 (max consumption mode) – 8 (max consumption mode)
External power supply: 5V
Max. recoil power on rifled weapon (Eo): 6000 Joules
Shock resistance on the smooth-bore rifles: 12 calibre
Line-of-sight reception range: 15m
Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Night Vision Scope Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Night Vision Scope
Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Night Vision Scope

See the future in high definition with the new Sightmark Wraith 4-32x50mm Digital Riflescope. Hunt with an advanced 1920x1080 HD sensor providing full-color clarity in daytime; simply hit the left arrow to switch to night mode – with classic green or black and white viewing options. The Wraith comes with a removable 850nm IR illuminator to provide enhanced nighttime image quality and accurate target acquisition up to 200 yards at night. Customize your riflescope with 10 reticle options and 9 color choices to fit the needs of every shooter, 4.5-hours of battery life with 4 common AA batteries and an external MicroUSB port for added power. Wraiths also allow recording and video export. Share your favorite moments with family and friends

What's in the box?

• IR Flashlight
• Objective Lens Cover
• Fixed Picatinny Mount
• User Manual


Type of Sensor: CMOS sensor
Sensor resolution, pixels: 1920x1080
Display Type: FLCOS
Display Resolution, pix: 1280x720
Built-in Video Recorder Availability: Yes
Maximum memory card supported, Gb: 64
Format of video clip: AVI
Resolution of video clip: 1080/720
Format of photo files: JPEG
Resolution of photo files: 1080/720
Memory capacity: Approximately 7 hours video with 64Gb SD card
Magnification: 4 - 32x
Diameter, Lens, mm: 50
Digital Zoom: 1-8x
Lens Focus, mm: 80
Relative aperture, D/f': 2.5
Field of View, degree: 4
Field of view, m@100m: 7
Field of view, ft@100yd: 21
Minimum focusing distance, ft/m: 12/3.6
Eye Relief: 2.4 / 60 in / mm
Diopter Adjustment: -6 to +3
Emitter: LED
Equivalent IR Power, mW: 3,000
Battery Type : 2x CR123A
Night Vision Detection Range: 200 / 183 yd / m
Power Supply: 6 v
Battery Type: 4 AA
Battery life, hours: 3.5 video mode / 4.5 preview mode
External Power Supply: 5V via microUSB
Windage & Elevation click value: 1/4 MOA
Adjustment range, Mil: 12.5 windage, 7.125 elevation
Number of Preloaded Reticles: 10
Colors: Black, white, red, blue, green, cyan, orange, yellow, magenta
Body Material: Aluminum
Accessory rail mount: Picatinny
Operating Temperature: 5 to 122 / - 15 to + 50 F / C
Waterproof Rating: IP55 water resistant
Nitrogen Purged: No
Shockproof: Yes, 3ft/1m
Maximum Recoil: .308
Tube size, in/mm: N/A
Length: 10.5 / 266 in / mm
Width: 1.875 / 63 in / mm
Height: 3 / 75 in / mm
Weight, oz: 36.3


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