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Buck EdgeTek Field FlipStick
Buck EdgeTek Field FlipStick

The EdgeTek Field FlipStik offers an easy carry sharpener with a 100% diamond coated surface and oval contour for sharpening a wide variety of blade edges. It is lightweight and compact, with a handle that also doubles as a carrying case. Designed to be easy to use and carry, these sharpeners will make sure no one is left without an edge. For those on-the-go, who may need a touch up after lots of field work, don't be caught without a FlipStik!

Product features:

100% diamond coated sharpening surface
Various grit options available
Flat surface, fish hook and 3 sided sharpening surface available
Oval sharpening steel to accommodate various edge geometries
Ultra lightweight and compact
Textured Polypropylene handle with locking system
Handle also doubles as a carrying case
Product details:

Sharpener Length: 4" (10.2 cm)
Overall Length: 9" (22.9 cm)
Handle/Sheath Material: Black Polypropylene, Lockable
Grit: Medium 750, both sides
Weight: 1.9 oz. (53.9 g)

Smiths Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener PP1 Smiths Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener PP1
Smiths Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener PP1

Smith's new "Pocket Pal" Multi-Functional Knife Sharpener features pre-set crossed carbides and ceramic stones, which provide the "Perfect Edge" every time. Carbides provide quick edge setting, and the specially shaped ceramic stones are designed to give you a razor sharp edge on either standard or serrated edges. The carbide and ceramic stones are reversible and replaceable. A fold out, tapered round, diamond coated rod is designed for sharpening serrated as well as standard edges. Unit is compact, lightweight, durable, and comes with a lanyard hole.

Specifications and Features:
Tapered Round Diamond Coated Rod for Sharpening Serrated and Standard Edges
Carbide Blades Quickly Set Your Edge
Ceramic Stones Give You a Razor Sharp Edge
Reversible and Replaceable Carbide and Ceramic Stones for Extended Sharpening
Lanyard hole for Carrying
Preset Sharpening Angles provide Guaranteed Results
Tapered Round Rod / Medium Diamond - 400 Grit
Pull Thru / Coarse Ceramic 600 Grit
Carbide Blades - Set the edge
Ceramic Stones - Finish the edge


Smiths Tri-hone Three Stone Sharping System
Smiths Tri-hone Three Stone Sharping System

Smith's 3-Stone Sharpening System features three stones mounted on a moulded plastic triangle with handles on the end for easy stone rotation and easy to read stone identification.
The sturdy moulded plastic base has non-skid rubber feet for safety, V trough to catch the oil drippings, and is easy to clean.
A bottle of Premium Honing Solution and a sharpening angle guide are also included.


  • 6" Fine Arkansas Stone
  • 6" Medium Arkansas Stone
  • 6" Coarse Synthetic Stone
Cold Steel Three In One Knife Sharpener Cold Steel Three In One Knife Sharpener Sale
Cold Steel Three In One Knife Sharpener

The Cold Steel Three in One Knife Sharpener has two pre-angled sharpening stones. One of the stones is ceramic and the other is carbide. The carbide edge can provide you with a quick sharp edge, and the ceramic sharpener can give you a finer, razor-sharp edge. Additionally, there is a fold-out, diamond-coated tapered rod for sharpening serrations or small gut hooks. The Three in One Knife Sharpener is lightweight and includes a lanyard hole for easy carry.


  • Coarse Carbide slot
  • Ceramic slot for fine edge sharpening
  • Tapered diamond coated rod for sharpening serrated & straight edges
  • Compact design with lanyard loop


$29.99 $19.49
Jewelstik Diamond Steel Sharpener 5
Jewelstik Diamond Steel Sharpener 5" Slim Handle

The JewelStik Diamond Sharpener is the original oval shaped, two-sided diamond sharpener that Chefs have been using for over 30 years. These sharpeners are offered in a variety of lengths and widths to help you determine the best for your application. The rule of thumb is your sharpener should be at least as long as your blade. The oval shaped steel helps you hold a good angle (generally from 18 to 22 degrees) on the edge of your knife. The diamond surface is on both sides of the sharpener.

  • 5 inch long
  • Standard culinary tool
  • Solid Diamond surface
  • Quick and Easy to Use 

Jewelstik Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener
Jewelstik Pocket Diamond Knife Sharpener

The Jewelstik Sportsman FlipStik Knife Sharpener is a handy tool you want to keep in your tackle box, tool box, in the trunk of your car and in the kitchen. It's only 5 inches in length when closed, but when you turn the cap and attach it to the bottom, it now becomes the handle. Now your sharpener is 9 inches in length. A nice tool to sharpen your pocket knives while at work, your boning knives while fishing, or your skinning knvies while hunting. This item is most popular with workers that are dealing with cutting wire, carpet, boxes or rope at their jobs all day.

Smith's Medium Arkansas Sharpening Benchstone: 6
Smith's Medium Arkansas Sharpening Benchstone: 6"

Smith's Medium Arkansas Stone is the best general purpose sharpener of all the natural Arkansas Stones. This 6" Medium Arkansas Stone is mounted on a molded plastic base to make sharpening safe and easy. It is excellent for sharpening pocket knives, hunting and fishing knives, kitchen knives, and tools of all sizes, large or small.


  • 6" Medium Arkansas Stone to sharpen larger knives and tools
  • Includes a plastic lid to protect the stone
  • Non-slip rubber feet to keep it nice and secure while using
  • Stone Size: 6" x 1 5/8" x 3/8"
  • Medium Arkansas Grit: 600 Grit
Smiths 2-Stone Sharpening Kit Smiths 2-Stone Sharpening Kit
Smiths 2-Stone Sharpening Kit

Smith’s 2-Stone Sharpening Kit includes a 5” Medium Stone used to set the edge on your knife or tool, and a 4” Fine Arkansas Stone used to put the final polished edge on your knife or tool. The Medium Stone comes mounted on a sturdy molded plastic base that features a built-in stone storage area in the bottom for the Fine Arkansas Stone. A bottle of Premium Honing Solution and a sharpening angle guide are also included.


  • 5" x 1 5/8" x 3/8" mounted medium stone to set the edge
  • 4" x 1" x 3/8" fine Arkansas stone to finish
  • Premium honing solution cleans and protects sharpening surfaces
  • Natural Arkansas stones remove the least amount of metal while polishing your edge to razor sharpness
  • Sharpening angle guide to teach basic correct angle for first-time user

Smiths Standard Precision Sharpening Kit
Smiths Standard Precision Sharpening Kit

Smith’s Standard Precision Sharpening System offers an easy way to sharpen all types of knives INCLUDING SERRATED. A fabric storage pouch makes this kit portable and easy to store, and the 1/2-inch wide stones makes sharpening safe, fast, and easy.

The kit comes with a Coarse Diamond Stone, Fine Arkansas Stone for finishing, a specially-shaped Triangular shaped stone for serrated edges only, and Premium Honing Solution.


  • More durable, less flexible folding angle guides
  • Folding angle guide with 4 sharpening angles to choose from instead of just 2 V-Lock Vise holds knife at consistent angle during sharpening
  • Folding angle guide allows sharpening at multiple angles
  • 1/2" wide stones
  • Coarse diamond, fine Arkansas and serrated edge stone bars
  • Sharpening groove for hooks and pointed tools
  •  Oversized thumb screws on vice
  • Premium honing solution cleans and protects the sharpening surface
  • Fabric storage pouch
Cold Steel Stylus Retractable Knife Sharpener Cold Steel Stylus Retractable Knife Sharpener
Cold Steel Stylus Retractable Knife Sharpener

The Cold Steel Stylus is a retractable knife sharpener in a durable ABS plastic case. It is specifically designed for sharpening serrated knives but can also be used on plain-edged knives. The sharpener has a 600-grit surface and is perfect for providing a good serviceable edge on a wide variety of blades. Great for serrated blades, plain edged blades, hooks, and home and garden tools.


  • 600 Grit for fine sharpening
  • Retractable
  • Compact design with pocket clip
  • Durable lightweight ABS plastic housing
Buck Diamond Pocket Sharpener
Buck Diamond Pocket Sharpener

Diamond sharpener in a retractable, pen style barrel. Tapered end for serrated blades. Fish hook groove. Flat side for straight blades. Pocket clip. This Sharpener is portable, versatile, and durable enough for field use.

• Buck Diamond sharpener in a retractable, pen style barrel
• Tapered end for serrated blades
• Fish hook groove
• Flat side for straight blades
• Pocket clip
• Portable, versatile, and durable enough for field use
• Medium 400 grit

CRKT Micro Tool & Sharpener Sale
CRKT Micro Tool & Sharpener

Anyone who uses a knife regularly knows that having a sharp blade edge is much safer than trying to make a dull blade do the job. Designer Tom Stokes created this compact sharpener so it would be easy to have along and keep you sharp.

You simply hold it firmly on a hard surface, place the rear of the blade edge into the "V" of the carbide sharpener blades and draw the knife through, pulling towards you.

This handy tool also features a flathead screwdriver, small channel blade/cutter, and bottle opener. The Stokes Keychain Sharpener also comes with a split-ring for easy carry attachment.

CRKT Accessories, including deployment systems, carry systems, and sharpeners, have a one-year limited warranty against defects in material or manufacturing. For additional details about the CRKT Limited Lifetime Warranty see the manufacturer’s website.

• Seat Belt Strap Cutter
• Field Sharpener
• Bottle Opener

• Blade Steel: 2Cr13
• Overall Length: 3.375"/85.73 mm
• Weight: 0.6 oz./17.01g
• Handle: Glass Reinforced Nylon and Stainless Steel.

$49.99 $44.99
JewelStik Diamond Sharper: 10
JewelStik Diamond Sharper: 10"x½"

The JewelStik Diamond Sharpener is the original oval-shaped, two-sided diamond sharpener that professionals have been using for over 30 years. Lightweight, well balanced and easy to use, lens-shaped steel shaft permits more efficient sharpening than ordinary cylindrical-shaped tools by allowing more surface to be sharpened in less time. A few swipes across the shaft are all that is needed to keep a perfectly sharp edge. The edges produced are flawless, gap-free, razor-sharp and long-lasting.

• Lens Shaped Sharpening steel
• Diamond dust encrusted steel
• Consistent Diamond surface for constant sharpening contact
• Balanced for ease of use.

Length: 10"/25.4cm
Width: ½"/12.5mm
Weight: 150 gram.

Walther Compact Knife Sharpener
Walther Compact Knife Sharpener

The Walther Compact knife sharpener has two sharpening angles for different types of knives. The 34 ° angle is suitable for kitchen knives, while the 50 ° angle is designed for hunting and outdoor knives. The dark Carbide insert V-notch is course and provide for the basic sharpness. Hold the knife sharpener with the left hand on the grip and press it down onto a non-slip surface. After only three to four strokes without any effort through the knife sharpener, the blade is ready for use again.

- Not suitable for serrated knife, jagged or damaged blades
- Cutting angle: 34 ° and 50 °
- Grinding angles: 17 ° and 25 °
- Length: 70 mm
- Weight: 36 g


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