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Rescue Me PLB 1 - Personal Locator Beacon *NZ Coded Rescue Me PLB 1 - Personal Locator Beacon *NZ Coded Sale
Rescue Me PLB 1 - Personal Locator Beacon *NZ Coded


The PLB 1 is jam packed full of features that are designed to make sure that you can be located in the case of an unfortunate event. The PLB 1 is small and easy to operate with just one hand, making it perfect to clip on the belt, chuck on the side of your pack, on the mast of your ship, or the bars of your bike.

The PLB is a fantastic unit that could save your life and no hunter should be without one. It could mean the difference between leaving the bush again, or not - don't take the chance.

Wherever you are, at sea, on land, the rescueME PLB1 provides the reassurance that global emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button.

The rescueMe PLB1 can be operated with a single hand in even the most challenging situations. A simple spring loaded flap covers the activation button preventing inadvertent use.

PLB1 works with the only officially recognised worldwide dedicated search and rescue satellite network (operated by Cospas Sarsat). As this is funded by governments there are NO CHARGES to use this service.

When activated the rescueME PLB1 transmits your position and your ID to a Rescue Coordination Center via satellite link. Rescue services nearest to your are promptly notified of your emergency and regularly advised of your current location to assist prompt rescue.

- 30% smaller (typ) by volume
- Easily fits in lifejacket
- Retractable Antenna
- 7 Year Battery Life
- 7 year warranty
- 24+ hour operational life
- High brightness strobe light >1candela
- 66 channel GPS receiver
- Unique mounting clip
- Operates on the global Cospas Sarsat rescue system
- Free to use, no subscription charges
- Supplied with free flotation pouch

Comes with belt band, float bag, and belt clip

Technical Specifications:
- Satellite Tx - 406.040MHz, 5W
- Homing Tx - 121.5MHz, 50W
- Operation Life - >24 hours @ -20C
- Weight: 116g
- Dimensions: 75mm x 51mm x 32mm
- Waterproof

$589.00 $475.00
SuperLube Synthetic Grease 85 gr. Sale
SuperLube Synthetic Grease 85 gr.

Super Lube Grease is an exceptionally pure lubricant because it is synthetic. This gives Super Lube very stable and predictable chemical properties.

With Syncolon (PTFE)
Multi-Purpose Lubricant
Highly lubricious, clear and non-toxic.
Excellent dielectric, impervious to salt water.
U.S.D.A. authorized, rated H-I
Temp ranger -45oF to +450oF

$19.99 $14.50
Leatherman Raptor Medical Shears: Black Leatherman Raptor Medical Shears: Black Sale
Leatherman Raptor Medical Shears: Black

Leatherman Raptor Medical Shears: Black

The Leatherman Raptor shears feature the necessary tools for uniformed medical professionals to safely and quickly go to work in an emergency situation. Developed with the input of special operations medics, EMTs and fire professionals familiar with standard medical shears, the Raptor was crafted with just the right balance of multipurpose features for medical-specific ops without an overkill of tools to complicate sometimes life-threatening situations. When it's a question of survival, the Raptor answers loud and clear.

Tools featured on the Raptor:
• 420HC Stainless Steel Folding Medical Shears
• Strap Cutter
• Ring Cutter
• Ruler (5 cm)
• Oxygen Tank Wrench
• Carbide Glass Breaker

• Molle or Utility Belt Holster System
• Lanyard Hole
• Replaceable Pocket Clip
• Lightweight plastic handle

• 420HC Stainless Steel
An improved, high-carbon (HC) form of 420 stainless steel that works well with high production tooling. 420HC's strength is optimized in Leatherman multi-tools by heat treatment.
• Glass-filled Nylon
A thermoplastic material where strength is improved by adding chopped glass fibers. This allows for excellent durability without adding significant weight. In Leatherman knives, the glass-filled nylon handles are so strong that an inner steel frame is not required, thereby reducing weight for a lighter every day carry. Leatherman uses a 60% glass mix.
• Carbide
One of the hardest materials in the world outside of diamond, tungsten carbide is used as a tool to effectively and safely break auto glass and is available on Leatherman first responder tools.

$249.99 $195.49
Jetboil Minimo 1 Litre Cooking System Carbon Sale
Jetboil Minimo 1 Litre Cooking System Carbon

It's about cooking. The Jetboil MiniMo delivers UNMATCHED simmer control, metal handles, and a low spoon angle for easy eating! Starting with the innovative new valve design, the MiniMo delivers the finest simmer control of any upright canister system on the market. Thanks to Jetboil's proprietary regulator technology and enhanced regulator diaphragm, MiniMo ensures this consistent performance down to 20ºF (-6ºC). Its redesigned cooking cup, the perfect combination of size, sturdy metal handles, and optimized height, provides users with an easy-to-eat experience.


  • Redesigned valve and regulator for advanced simmer control
  • Metal handles provide a robust interface for both cooking and eating
  • Convenient push-button igniter
  • Lower spoon angle for easier eating right from the cup
  • Insulating drink-through lid and measuring cup
  • Clever sideways burner storage minimizes pack space
  • Fuel Canister Stabilizer included
  • Compatible accessories include a MiniMo-sized Coffee Press, Hanging Kit, and Pot Support
  • Pot Support included with MiniMo
  • Jetpower fuel sold separately


  • Weight: 415 g (System weight excludes fuel stabilizer)
  • Volume: 1 Litre
  • Boil Time: 2 minutes 15 sec. per 1/2 Litre (avg. over the life of Jetpower can)
  • Water Boiled: 12 Litres per 100g Jetpower can
  • Dimensions: 127 mm x 152 mm
  • Stabilizer Weight: 27 g
  • Power: 6,000 BTU/h (1.75kW)
$379.00 $329.00
Stoney Creek Thermotough Jacket: Mens Stoney Creek Thermotough Jacket: Mens Sale
Stoney Creek Thermotough Jacket: Mens

Maximum Warmth + Toughness = The Ultimate Jacket!

The tougher puffer, the Stoney Creek Thermotough Jacket has been specifically designed to provide durable, maximum core warmth and comfort without the bulk of traditional insulated jackets. Constructed with a tough Nylon RipStop outer fabric, it provides you with a durable high insulation layer “ready to go” when the temperature really drops.

Packed with ultra-warm Primaloft Silver Down blend, the Thermotough Jacket provides you with 100% protection from the wind, high insulation, water resistance. Using welded baffles, this jacket, is purposely built to provide ultimate protection from the elements and promote high insulation warmth to your core during plummeting temperatures.

• Primaloft® Silver Down Blend, waterproof treated to prevent the loft from collapsing and to help maintain the down’s thermal efficiency
• Durable ripstop outer fabric
• Lined adjustable hood for added warmth and comfort in the cold, that won’t restrict your vision
• Colour: Black
• Sizes: Small - 5XL (while stocks last)
$429.00 $397.30
3M Peltor SportTac Hunting/Shooting Earmuffs
3M Peltor SportTac Hunting/Shooting Earmuffs

These Class 4 earmuffs are a great piece of gear for hunting and other shooting. Cutting out the loud while amplifying the quiet makes for an easy to wear earmuff.

The smooth, level dependent function eliminates abrupt sound cut-off. Protects against harmful impulse noise while letting in, and even amplifying, ambient sounds.

- Smooth level dependent function, which eliminates abrupt sound cut-off
- Interchangable shells makes it easy to change colour
- A pair of orange and green shells included
- Collapsible for easy storage
- Audio input for external radio
- Input jack allows you to connect to selected 2-way radios or other electronic audio devices
- Water resistant exterior
- Warning signal when power is low, before shut-off

Battery Life: Upto 600 Hours
Net Weight (Metric) 318 Gram
SLC80 Rating 24 dB (Class 4)

24 Month

Leder Tanning Kit Commercial 30KG Sale
Leder Tanning Kit Commercial 30KG

This COMMERCIAL 2.5lt Leder Tanning Kit is perfect for anyone wanting to tan their own hides including kangaroo or deer. Instructions for tanning are on the box and will tan up to 30kg of skins. Suitable for full cowhides.

Contains 2.5L Tanning, 2.5L Lube and the Commercial Fleshing Knife.

How to tan skins:

- Skin should be salted immediately after skinned. Skin must be tanned within one month.
- Mix Leder Tanning Formula with water in a suitable bucket or tub. Place skins and salt into the solution. The tanning process takes between 3 to 10 days depending on the thickness of the skins.
- When the tanning process is complete, wash skin and apply Leder Leather Lube with a soft brush. Peg out skin to dry.

$249.00 $210.00
Hunters Element Lima Boots Hunters Element Lima Boots Sale
Hunters Element Lima Boots

The Hunters Element Lima boot has many great features as a medium duty hunting boot. The Lima boot is made from Nubuck/Suede leather with double stitched seams, making them super durable and waterproof. With a soft- medium flex design, they allow you to stalk through the bush while making minimal sound, and a medium cut that will provide you with excellent ankle support on those rough terrains. They also feature a Vibram sole which gives you good grip for all outdoor conditions.

- Hydrafuse™ waterproof lining
- Nubuck/suede leather
- Double stitched
- Rubber Toe
- Aggressive Vibram® sole
- US Sizes

$229.00 $198.00
Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs: Green Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs: Green Sale
Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs: Green

At the range or on the hunt, the Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff keeps you protected from hazardous noise and connected to your environment. It carries a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22 in both on and off mode. When the electronic ear protection is switched on, it employs built-in directional microphones that amplify ambient sounds to a safe 82 dB. This allows you to hear important commands on the range and crucial environment sounds when hunting. As an added safety feature, it also actively listens and automatically shuts off amplification when loud impulsive sounds reach 82 dB. Patented Air Flow Control technology allows for a slim earcup design that ensures your stock has clearance while shooting. The padded headband features telescopic height adjustment for a comfortable, customized fit. An external audio jack lets you connect the earmuff to an MP3 player, scanner or other audio source. Automatic shut-off after 4 hours helps save battery life.

- Built-in directional microphones amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82dB, providing more natural listening and enhanced communication
- Actively listens and automatically shuts off amplification when ambient sound reaches 82 dB; Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 22
- Features low profile earcups for stock clearance; adjustable headband for secure fit; compact folding design for convenient storage; Matte black color
- Includes AUX input and 3.5mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners
- Includes 2 AAA batteries; automatic shut-off feature after 4 hours increases battery life

$179.00 $136.85
Lowa Water Stop Pro Sale
Lowa Water Stop Pro

The new Lowa Water Stop Pro is a high-performance impregnation spray for all leisure shoes and climbing and hiking boots. It impregnates and thus protects all materials effectively against water and soiling without restricting their breathability. It is suitable for GORE-TEX® and other climate membranes. In combination with Lowa Active Creme or Lowa Active Creme Black, it offers perfect protection for your Lowa (leather) shoes. Best of all, Lowa Water Stop Pro contains no PFC.

Suitable for all leathers, all shoe textiles and all tex membranes.
Size: 300ml

PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be sent to a rural address or a PO box. 

$39.99 $34.90
TOPO 4 GPS Maps: New Zealand Hunter: For Garmin GPS (microSD) TOPO 4 GPS Maps: New Zealand Hunter: For Garmin GPS (microSD)
TOPO 4 GPS Maps: New Zealand Hunter: For Garmin GPS (microSD)

TOPO 4 GPS brings you topographical maps of New Zealand especially created with hunters in mind. Loaded on a microSD card ready for a handheld Garmin GPS unit.

• Ready for you handheld Garmin GPS
• Compiled from LINZ data
• Includes DOC tracks, huts, camps & hunting blocks.
• Data loaded onto a microSD card (includes SD card adaptor). 

Jetboil Flash 2.0 Cooking System Carbon Sale
Jetboil Flash 2.0 Cooking System Carbon

Now you can boil in seconds, not minutes. 100 seconds to be exact! Blistering boil times come standard with Jertboil's industry-leading Flash cooking system. By modeling the combustion and selecting materials to optimize efficiency, they have created the fastest Jetboil ever—cutting a full minute off their best boil time, while maintaining efficiency!

Optimized for 3-Season performance and engineered for lightning-fast boil, it’s the ultimate personal system for dehydrated meals, soups, coffee, and tea. Folded for greater heat exchange, their FluxRing technology reduces boil time with half the fuel consumption of traditional systems. Waste no time. Waste no fuel. The new Flash sports an increased output (4,500 to 9,000 BTUs) and improved valve design.

With a convenient, push-button igniter and a color-change heat-indicator, you’ll know exactly when the water is boiling.

*Choose colour.

• 1 Litre FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy
• Thermochromatic, color-change heat indicator
• Convenient, reliable push-button igniter
• Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl
• Compatible accessories include Coffee Press, Hanging Kit, Pot Support, Skillet, FluxRing Cooking Pot and Utensils
• Pot Support and Jetpower fuel sold separately

• Dimensions: 4.1" x 7.1" / 104mm x 180mm
• Weight: 13.1 oz / 371 g
• Volume: 1L tall
• Compatible with: Flash, Flash Lite, MicroMo, Zip 

$259.00 $246.49
Garmin InReach Mini 2 Garmin InReach Mini 2 Sale
Garmin InReach Mini 2

HOME IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. This compact satellite communicator helps you keep home with you when you’re off the grid — adding peace of mind to every adventure, without adding weight to your pack.

Global satellite coverage keeps you connected when cellphones can’t
In an emergency, send an interactive SOS message to our coordination center
You can still connect to the ones who matter, even without cellphone coverage
With TracBack® routing, find your way back if you happen to get lost
Expand the capabilities of your inReach device by using the Garmin Explore™ app
Stay on adventures longer with up to 14 days of battery life in 10-minute tracking mode
Stay in touch using inReach technology.

TWO-WAY MESSAGING. Exchange text messages with loved ones back home, post to social media, or communicate inReach to inReach in the field.

INTERACTIVE SOS ALERTS. In case of emergency, trigger an interactive SOS message to the Garmin IERCC, a 24/7 staffed emergency response coordination center.

LOCATION SHARING. Share your location with loved ones back home at any time using your MapShare™ page or with your coordinates embedded in your messages.

GLOBAL SATELLITE NETWORK. Instead of relying on cellphone coverage, your messages, SOS alerts and location tracking are transferred via the global Iridium® satellite network.

FLEXIBLE SATELLITE AIRTIME PLANS. To access the Iridium network and communicate with your inReach Mini 2, an active satellite subscription is required. You can opt for an annual package or a flexible month-to-month plan.

COMPACT, RUGGED DESIGN. Don’t let the 4” x 2” size and 3.5 oz weight fool you. inReach Mini 2 is tough, durable, impact resistant (MIL-STD-810) and water-rated to IPX7.

Your adventure-ready companion.

TRACBACK ROUTING. The TracBack routing feature navigates you back to your starting point the same way you came, should you get lost — right on your device.

DIGITAL COMPASS. Get accurate heading information — even when you’re not moving.

BATTERY LIFE. The internal, rechargeable lithium battery gives you up to 14 days use at the default 10-minute tracking mode and up to 30 days with a 30-minute tracking interval.

INREACH WEATHER FORECAST SERVICE. Get detailed weather updates on inReach Mini 2 or a paired compatible device. You can even request forecasts for your current location or other waypoints or destinations on your itinerary.

UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE AND TRIP PLANNING. Get free access to the cloud-powered Garmin Explore website on your computer to plan your trips, create preset messages and quick texts, sync and manage your device settings, and much more

$829.00 $699.00
Multi Purpose 12V 7AH Rechargeable Battery
Multi Purpose 12V 7AH Rechargeable Battery

12 Volt 7AH Sealed Rechargeable battery. Nice compact size easy to store and carry.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 15 x 6.5 x 9.5cm

Suitable for:
Electric scooters
Wheel chairs
Golf trolley
Lawn mowers
Battery powered toys
Uninterruptible power supplies
Emergency lighting
Telecommunication back-up power supplies
Fire systems

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape - Black Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape - Black Sale
Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape - Black

Tenacious Tape by Gear Aid is an all-purpose, weatherproof repair tape that fixes rips, holes and gashes in almost all of your outdoor gear. It stays put no matter what Mother Nature dishes out and leaves no sticky mess. Tenacious Tape comes in black, clear and popular colors, so you can match your fabric for nearly-invisible repairs. Wait 24 hours after application and you can machine wash or put it in the dryer without worrying that the repair tape will peel off.

Toss Tenacious Tape in your outdoor gear kit for a little extra peace of mind. Repairs camping gear, sleeping bags and pads, tents, clothing, vinyl rafts, down jackets—whatever needs a quick patch, so you can stay outside.

If you’re serious about your gear, step up to Tenacious Tape—and you’ll never go back to that gooey, sticky, silver stuff.

Colour: Black

-Machine washable
- Clear tape utilizes PVC
- Ultra-strong repair tape with aggressive adhesive
- Tape can be moved or repositioned within 24 hours without leaving behind a sticky residue
- Makes quick, in-field repairs to rips, tears and holes in outdoor gear
- Sticks to almost any surface without leaving a sticky residue
- Provides nearly invisible repairs
- Instantly seals leaking seams and stops rips from spreading
- Acts as an abrasion-resistant shield on high-wear areas
- Long lasting
- Lightweight and compact
- Can be used on silnylon for a temporary emergency field repair

$17.99 $13.90
Jetboil Jetpower Fuel - 100 g Jetboil Jetpower Fuel - 100 g Sale
Jetboil Jetpower Fuel - 100 g

Jetboil's fantastic outdoor cooking range - their stoves and systems are super-dependable which pack light, set up quick and boil rapidly in just minutes! Plus some essential cooking accessories that will make your backcountry cooking experience that much better.

Formulated for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, our high-performance propane/isobutane four-season fuel delivers higher vapor pressure for improved performance in cold weather.


  • Fuel capacity: 100 g (approx. 12 liters of boiled water) 230 g (approx. 24 liters of boiled water) 450 g (approx. 48 liters of boiled water)
  • Compatible with: Flash, Joule, MicroMo, MightyMo, MiniMo, Sumo, Zip
$8.99 $7.99
Radians Custom Molded Earplugs Blue Sale
Radians Custom Molded Earplugs Blue

Radians Custom Molded Earplugs are an easy, do-it-yourself kit, molds in 10 minutes. Dozens of everyday uses including shooting sports, sporting events, construction, lawn care, assembly lines, farming, auto races, swimming, flying, factories and much more!

Molds in 10 minutes.
Soft, permanent custom fit.
No mess.
All day comfort.
Simple, easy to follow instructions.
Safe, non toxic and hypo-allergenic silicone.
Environmentally friendly hearing protection.
Long lasting and washable.
Made in the USA.

$54.99 $39.25
Victorinox Swiss Classic Folding Paring Knife | Choose Colour Victorinox Swiss Classic Folding Paring Knife | Choose Colour Sale
Victorinox Swiss Classic Folding Paring Knife | Choose Colour

Foldable and Lightweight Paring Knife
Pared back in form but expressive in personality, our Swiss Classic Foldable Paring Knife does multipurpose its own way. You'll quickly see it as your new ‘take-anywhere blade’ thanks to its standout quality wavy edge and supreme versatility. What's more, a kaleidoscope of six colorful handle options injects a sharp and sassy attitude into this hardworking paring partner. Take on the fruit bowl, forest or field with absolute confidence.


  • The compact and practical take-anywhere knife for peeling and chopping fruit and veg
  • Swiss made paring knife with wavy edge
  • With stainless steel blade that folds safely into the handle


  • Height: 0.5 in
  • Length: 5.1 in
  • Width: 9.4 in
  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Forged: No 
  • Type of edge: Wavy edge 
  • Length of blade: 4.3 in
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP) 
  • Color: Black, Green, Orange, Pink, Red
  • Dishwasher safe: Yes 
$39.99 $31.50
Leder Tanning Formula 500ml Sale
Leder Tanning Formula 500ml

Leder Tanning Formula 500ml

• Leder has a balanced tanning agent concentrate.

• 500mL of Tanning Formula will tan approximately 6 kilograms of skin.

TANNING THE SKIN: Mix 500mL of the Leder Tanning Formula with 35 litres of water in a suitable bucket or tub and place skin into the solution.  Soak the skin for between 3 and 10 days, depending on the thickness of the hide. Carefully check the hide during this time to ensure there are no folds and that the hide is tanning evenly.

• Finish with Leder Tanning Lube

$29.99 $25.00
Lowa Active Shoe Cream
Lowa Active Shoe Cream

LOWA Active Cream is the ideal colourless intensive wax care for all leisure shoes as well as climbing and hiking boots. It keeps the leather supple over the long term and prevents drying out and brittleness when used regularly. In combination with LOWA Water Stop Pro, this is the perfect protection for your LOWA boots. Best of all, LOWA Active Cream contains no PFC.

For more information on caring for LOWA boots, visit:

Quack Magnet Automatic Pond Feeder Quack Magnet Automatic Pond Feeder
Quack Magnet Automatic Pond Feeder

The Quack Magnet Automatic Pond Feeder features an accurate and precise digital timer which allows you to maintain a strict feed schedule. Electronic feeders are used for excellent game and range management in order to attract and hold a substantial amount of game on your pond.

Schedule 6 different feed times a day. Up-to-the-minute timer lets you precisely program feed times. Customize feed amounts with variable feed settings (1-30 seconds run time). Metal spin plate and funnel protects against varmints. 360 feed pattern for widespread coverage. ABS plastic housing is durable and user friendly. All hardware is included that is needed to complete your feeder. Runs with 1x 6-volt battery (not included)

- Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec)
- Varmint guard build in
- Easy to install
- Fits almost any Feed container
- Weather resistant housing
- Includes power coated "No Blow" slinger
- Feeds 1-6 Times Per Day
- Requires 6V/5Ah battery (Eveready dolphin torch Battery)


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